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For Quality: The C-Dax range of products are renowned for unique design, innovation and uncompromising quality.
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Hose Reel 100m
(80683) (Part No. 1059)

Manufactured from high strength zinc plated steel to ensure maximum strength and longevity. Design features such as an extra wide handle make for easy winding.

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Hose Reel Kit 100m/10mm with Spray Gun
(81337) (Part No. 1064)

C-Dax Hose Reel Kits come complete with high pressure spraying hose and heavy-duty handgun, and are designed to bolt directly to your existing sprayer.
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SprayRider 35
(Part No. 1000)

Now you’ll always have a spot sprayer and non-slip dog platform on hand!

Designed for pure convenience and coupled with all the great SprayRider™ features you’ve come to expect. Keep it permanently on your bike for quick and easy weed maintenance around your farm without going out of your way. Plus when you’re out with the stock you’ll have a purpose made platform for your dog.

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Spray-On 200 Spot Sprayer
(Part No. 1086)

The Spray-On 200 showcases the latest in Generation 2 styling and design innovations at a price you can afford. Whether you need a spot sprayer, flat deck or boom sprayer, the Spray-On 200 has the flexibility to suit your requirements.

The uniquely designed shape of the Spray-On 200 ensures that it performs well in a flat deck situation, remaining stable and withstanding the rigours of intensive use while remaining lightweight and easy to handle to ensure the tank is readily transportable.

An easily accessible moulded two litre fresh water handwash tank will help you to clean up after spraying.

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SprayRider DTK 50
DTK 50 (69954) (Part No. 1003)

The 50 Litre SprayRider™ Dual Tank Kit (DTK) easily adds on additional capacity while maintaining the convenience and manoeuvarability of the ATV.

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1114 (Part No. 1114)

The Eliminator + has a massive 6.0m wiping width, centre section spool height adjustment, and outer section manual heaight adjustment.
It's got a bruise bar to maximise chemical uptake for the weeds and angled woolen wiper arms for maximum contact and efficiency.
It's got a liquid feed system for even chemical distribution on the roughest terrain.
The electronic controller allows you to adjust the flow of chemical to suit the infestation level.
It's ideal behind the RTV or Ute.
There is an optional onboard tank, or you can have an additional tank on the back of the towing vehicle.

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Eliminator HD GL G2 (87300) (Part No. 1015)

The C-Dax Eliminator trailed weed wiper dramatically reduces damage to your pasture by putting chemical on the weeds rather than the whole pasture. Quality C-Dax construction is means an extremely robust, trailed weed wiper designed to control weeds while preserving pasture. The electronic chemical flow controller allows operators to quickly adjust the amount of chemical being pumped to the wiping carpets to suit the level of infestation. A pressurised feed system ensures equal amounts of chemical are pumped to either side of the wiper regardless of the angle of operation.
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Hose Reel 25m
HR25 (80440) (Part No. 1057)

High strength rotationally moulded chemically resistant polyethylene hose reel.
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Boom 4+4
4+4 (81393) (Part No. 1045)

Comprised of two vertical stainless steel boom arms with 4 brass nozzle bodies per side, ideal for fruit trees and vines.
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Boom 4M
ATV4 (86526) (Part No. 1020)

C-Dax folding spray booms incorporate a number of practical features such as breakaway and non-drip nozzles.

Easily attached to your ATV using the optional C-Dax QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Upright Mounts for Booms.

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