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For Quality: The C-Dax range of products are renowned for unique design, innovation and uncompromising quality.
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Spray-On 500 Flatdeck
(Part No. 1094)

The Spray-On 500 showcases the latest in styling and design innovations with the flexibility and capacity to get any job on your farm done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a flatdeck or trailed sprayer, the Spray-On 500 has the flexibility to suit your requirements.

The Spray-On 500 isolates liquid motion forces ensuring they're not transferred to the vehicle. Stability of the vehicle is enhanced with a low centre of gravity.

The uniquely designed shape of the Spray-On 500 ensures that it can perform well in a flatdeck situation,remaining stable and withstanding the rigours of intensive use.
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QuickSmart Attachment Frame for RTV
(Part No. 1113)

C-Dax’s QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame for RTV is part of a universal mounting system that allows implements to be inter-changed without the need for nuts, bolts and spanners.
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SprayRider 80
SprayRider 80 (SR80) (69080) (Part No. 1002)

SprayRider™ is designed and engineered specifically for the ATV, and represents the next generation in ATV Spot Sprayers.
The new generation 80 litre tank is designed to fit even more ATV’s than ever before, while unique safety features such as a low centre of gravity, and internal tank baffle dramatically reduce the destabilising effect of liquid surge while the ATV is in motion.
Patented valves eliminate the underbody balance hose but preserve the unique C-Dax feature of total evacuation of tank contents on all terrain.
A two litre on-board fresh water tank provides a reservoir to rinse hands and doubles as a hose storage feature, while a robust hand lance with adjustable nozzle caters for a range of different jobs.
The convenient handlebar mounted on/off switch allows for ease of use and increases operator safety.

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Rota-Foot-Tank Support-SO200 Flat Deck-Yellow-MDPE
Rota-Foot-Tank Support-SO200 Flat Deck-Yellow-MDPE (Part No. 7500-1800)

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Hydromiser 2 Head
Hydromiser 2 (HYD2) (81219) (Part No. 1023)

The Hydromiser low volume CDA band sprayer represents the ultimate in spraying efficiency and offers some considerable advantages over conventional pressure nozzle spraying techniques. The advanced technology significantly reduces chemical wastage meaning lower chemical cost and less filling time.
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Boom 3M
ATV3 (86525) (Part No. 1019)

C-Dax folding spray booms incorporate a number of practical features such as breakaway and non-drip nozzles. Two sizes are available to suit any weed management programme.

Easily attached to your ATV using the optional C-Dax QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Upright Mounts for Booms.

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Foam Concentrate 5L
(80616) (Part No. 1068)

Increases the foam generated by foam markers.
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Eliminator Winged
ElimWinged (87304) (Part No. 1016)

The C-Dax Eliminator trailed weed wiper dramatically reduces damage to your pasture by putting chemical on the weeds rather than the whole pasture. Quality C-Dax construction is means an extremely robust, trailed weed wiper designed to control weeds while preserving pasture. The electronic chemical flow controller allows operators to quickly adjust the amount of chemical being pumped to the wiping carpets to suit the level of infestation. A pressurised feed system ensures equal amounts of chemical are pumped to either side of the wiper regardless of the angle of operation.

The C-Dax Winged Eliminator gives an impressive overall width of 4.30m with self-angling wings that will save you even more time and allows easy control of weeds on banks and edges of waterways without the risk of runoff or spray drift.

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Boom CDA 3.6M
(81123) (Part No. 1021)

Pioneered in New Zealand by C-Dax Ltd, CDA technology works by eliminating the large droplets, which contain the most chemical and are prone to “run-off” and exercising similar control over finer droplets which are prone to drift, Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) enables farmers and growers to cover a vastly greater area with smaller tank capacity, thereby vastly reducing fill and mix times.
From an environmental perspective, CDA offers the advantage of reducing ground contamination and spray drift.
Many farmers and growers who have used CDA for a number of years observe that they are able to maintain improved control because CDA offers a larger “spraying-window” than conventional pressure nozzle technology.
Research reports suggest strongly that there is an optimum droplet size for spraying. CDA generates droplets which fall almost entirely within the ideal spectrum for optimum cover, while limiting run-off and spray drift.
Each CDA “Rotary Atomiser” can be adjusted to generate an optimum droplet size for the task being undertaken at the time. Reliable and low maintenance, CDA will provide your farming operation with increased efficiency and effective use of chemical.

Easily attached to your ATV using the optional C-Dax QuickSmart™ Attachment Frame and Upright Mounts for Booms.

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Hose Reel 100m
(80683) (Part No. 1059)

Manufactured from high strength zinc plated steel to ensure maximum strength and longevity. Design features such as an extra wide handle make for easy winding.

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