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Maximise your production with the C-Dax Pasture Meter

The C-Dax Pasture Meter is a revolutionary tool in pasture management, enabling you to make important pasture management decisions to achieve the maximum level of milk or meat production that your farm can produce.

High strength design combined with advanced sensor technology enables the C-Dax Pasture Meter to be used at speeds of up to 20kphallowing fast, accurate pasture measurement regardless of weather conditions or operator.

Accurate and consistent pasture monitoring enables farmers to establish a feed budgeting forecast and ultimately improve pasture utilisation. Its also ideal for calculating break feed sizes. Accurate pasture measurement wont just tell you how much feed you have. It will also easily identify areas of poor production that need attention, enabling more efficient fertiliser application

And anyone can use it and get accurate measurements. The readings are totally independent of the user so you will always get consistent and comparable data no matter who is using it, what their skill level is or vehicle dynamics are. Rain, dust, operator weight or terrain make no difference to Pasture Meters accuracy.

The C-Dax Pasture Meter new XP1 release now allows you even greater control and ease with GPS technology and full integration with LIC's FarmKeeper software. XP1 is simplicity for efficiency.

To read first hand accounts of how the C-Dax Pasture Meter is working for farmers, and see how much this could mean to your bottom line, go to:

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C-DIT 1300 3PL
(Part No. 3014)

Get maximum efficiency using GPS speed controlled flow rate via the optional C-Dax XC1 Smart Control console.

C-Dax's C-DIT 1300 with XC1 allows you to get maximum spreading accuracy without speed inconsistencies and driver errors effecting application rates - set your rate and focus solely on driving.

Using the XC1 Smart Control console with the C-DIT 1300 allows you to future proof your farming operation and ensure your fertiliser applications are fully traceable, efficient, easy, accurate and safe.

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C-DIT 650 3PL
(Part No. 3017)

The new C-DIT 650 3PL features all the quality C-Dax aspects you've come to expect with the convenience of the 650L capacity to utilise half tonne urea bags. Compatible with the optional C-Dax In-cab Remote Control unit so you can take even more control of your spreading.
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