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InEx Flyer October 2017

C-DAX October / November 2017

In-Ex 400 3PL Spreader
(Part No. 3020)

400 Litre capacity hopper (320kg Urea)

15m spread width

Nine application rate settings

Applies up to 140kh/ha (Urea at 10kph)

Robust box section galvanised frame

Canvas hopper cover

Includes PTO shaft 

Category 2 & 3 compatible 

In-Ex Pasture Meter
(Part No. 5010)

The PROVEN support tool
•    Accurately measures pasture cover at up to 20km/h
•    View average pasture cover from a single paddock
•    Display pasture covers in kgDM/ha
•    Manually record individual pasture covers that are displayed on screen
•    Consistently calculate average pasture covers and growth rates in your preferred farm management program

NB: InEx Pasture Meter is not interchangeable with C-Dax Pasture Meter

In-Ex engine spreader 400
(Part No. 3021)

  • 400 Litre capacity hopper (320kg Urea)
  • Tandem floating axle
  • 5.5hp genuine Honda engine
  • 15m spread width
  • Nine application rate settings
  • applies up to 140kg/ha (Urea at 10kph)
  • Knobbly tyres and canvas hopper cover
InEx 200 Litre Engine Driven Flat Deck with 30m Hose Reel Kit
(Part No. 1130)

  • 200 Litre Translucent tank with mould-in contents scale
  • 4hp genuine Honda engine
  • 40 bar (580psi) Imovilli pump and manual CD11 pressure control
  • Corrosion resistant hose reel, with 30m of hose and pistol style handgun
 930mm long
 830mm high
 1090mm wide (including hosereel) 
InEx Chainsaw Axe and Shovel Holder (CASH)
(65030) (Part No. 7004)

•    Holds 1 chainsaw (max 20” bar), 1 axe and 1 shovel
•    Simple attachment
•    Fits most ATVs or headboards of utes
InEx Fence Reel and Standard HolderThe Reel Thing
(Part No. 7008)

  • Safely and easily transport your breakfeeding equipment on your ATV
  • Holds two reels and up to 40 standards
  • Mounts easily to your ATV in seconds
  • Galvanised



InEx Foam Marker Single
(Part No. 1075)

  • 24 Litre capacity
  • Unique shape to maximise foaming
  • Comes with:
    5m of delivery hose
    Wiring loom with on/off switch
    Steel mounting bracket
    Plumbing kit
InEx GardenMate 20
GM20F (82738) (Part No. 1005)

  • Ideal for the serious gardener or commercial operator who doesn’t want to lift a heavy sprayer or spend time pumping to get pressure
  • 20 Litre capacity spray tank
  • Handle position designed at optimum height to minimise sore backs through bending
  • Low voltage 12-volt pump comes complete with rechargeable battery and master on/off switch
  • 7.6lpm pump
  • Wide lid design means quick and easy filling, removeable drain plug for complete evacuation
  • Flexible spray lance with adjustable nozzle
  • Durable 305mm polyethylene wheels including sealed bearings for maximum longevity
  • Comes with 5m of high pressure hose and master on/off switch
InEx Large Box
(65024) (Part No. 7007)

•    Lockable with handles
•    Size: 885 x 380 x 280mm
InEx Medium Box
(65005) (Part No. 7006)

•    Two internal trays
•    730mm L x 280mm W x 190mm H
•    Fits front or rear carriers
•    Attachment kit included

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to keep the information on this website up to date, it is provided on a "best endeavour" basis. We reserve the right to amend specifications without notice and add or remove products without notice. Any prices listed are in NZ dollars only.