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Goldline 1200 Mega+ 2-in-1

Spray weeds & mix/spray foliar fertilisers with one spray unit.

Maximum flexibility. Maximum production.








Weed spraying:
Streamlined and tough, the i-boom comes with fully integrated hydraulic tilt and fold. Proven exceptional performance.

Spray cover - 8m wide

Capacity -   10.4 ha/tank (115l/ha @ 10kph)


Fertiliser spraying:

 Specifically designed dual agitators for mixing and spraying liquid fertilisers such as urea, seaweed/fish foliar sprays, and animal health products.

Spray cover - 16m wide

Capacity - 6.2ha/tank (191l/ha @ 10kph)

Agitation - 570l/min while mixing.

120l/min will spraying.


Other features include: 1200 Litre capacity tank; electric in-cab control, or choose the fully automatic XC3 option; hydraulically driven centrifugal pump (no PTO shaft); XC3 compatible; huge 800L/min 32 mesh suction filter; 110 litre rinse tank; heavy-duty tank and frame; inspection step for easy and safe access.


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