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25 years celebration


David Lange finally had enough of smelling the uranium and Rogernomics, the Berlin Wall came down, we got a third TV channel, we saw ‘Seinfeld’ for the first time, they found the ‘Bismarck’, ‘Rain Man’ got best movie, Sunday trading began, AirNZ was sold (for the first time), Paul Holmes began to turn journalism into a sport, Salman Rushdie was on the run, and an eastern block dictator that I can’t spell got his comeuppance.

To celebrate our first 25 Years we’re asking you to send in your best farming tip or No.8 wire moment from your last 25 years (give or take a year).

The winning entry receieves a$2,000 InEx voucher!

Send your entry with your name, address and contact number to: C-Dax Systems Ltd, PO Box 1010, Palmerston North, email to or drop it into our tent at any Field Days.

The winner will be announced at the 2014 National Fieldays (11–14 June); entries close 13 June 2014; prize not redeemable for cash.