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Introducing the new Goldline 2500L Trailed Sprayer

We’ve built on the proven performance of our 1500L Trailed sprayer to offer you additional capacity. Now you can spray up to 25ha on one tank while taking advantage of a unit packed full of quality Goldline features and support.


100L foam marker tank (with single or double foam marker options available), 100L Chemical rinse tank, 10L fresh water tank, hydraulic folding boom (12, 14, 16m boom options available), adjustable length drawbar with swivel tow hitch, hi-viz contents scale, 10% free board to help avoid unwanted foam spills, 120L/min D123 pump, hydraulic parallelogram lift mast with suspension, max boom lift 1350mm—great for fence lines, flotation tyres, 1800mm wheel track, induction probe, twin jet agitation, Geoline three section valve bank with electronic in-cab control, platform handrail and step, pull cord for quick tank draining.



“Over 3,000ha in two seasons and still going strong.”

Tim Hopkins, Hopkins Group

It might have been high contractor costs that initially led Tim to purchase his Goldline 1500L Trailed unit, but its the durability and functionality that has really validated his decision and now he’s thinking of purchasing a second unit.

In two seasons Tim’s 1500L unit has sprayed 3000 ha and he aims to double that for the next season alone. “The unit has been very cost effective and is versatile enough for any application we’ve needed to apply” says Tim.

The purchase has enabled Tim to be very proactive with his spraying requirements. “When there’s been only a small window of opportunity to get in there and spray, we’ve been able to get it done quickly and without fuss”.

Another highlight of the 1500L unit for Tim has been its ease of transport. “We’ve been running it between farms in Opiki and Mangaweka (a distance of 130km) without the need for heavy transport vehicles, which is another big saving in time and money” says Tim.

He’s found that the robust nature of the 1500L unit enables it to hold up very well on varying terrain and over the two seasons its been in use there has been no downtime for the unit at all. Tim has also found the simplicity of its operation and the fact that it adapts to different tractors means efficient hassle free spraying every time. Tim says “Its versatility is just what we require to maximise efficiency.”