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C-Dax welcomes new shareholder Ravensdown

Ravensdown is proud to be part of the innovative company C-Dax

As a successful integrated business Ravensdown works with farmers to increase the productivity and sustainability of New Zealand farms.
The C-Dax Pasture Meter accurately measures pasture cover and records data to calculate available feed, growth rates and identify poor production areas. Using this important information, farmers can improve fertiliser and pasture utilisation, maximising farm production.
The association with C-Dax complements Ravensdown’s existing products and services and enhances our precision agriculture offering and advice available to help farmers make good strategic and tactical decisions.
The business will continue to operate as C-Dax and will carry on developing innovative agricultural solutions for farmers. We look forward to working with C-Dax and bringing customers new tools so they can produce more from the same land while continuing to look after the environment.

Bill McLeod
Ravensdown Chairman